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In Greek mythology, Argo was the name of the ship used by the Argonauts to help them accomplish a high difficulty mission: retrieve the Golden Fleece – wool of the gold-hair winged ram, in offer to Zeus. This quest was entrusted to Jason as condition for him to be placed rightfully on the throne of Iolcus. Due to the complexity of the mission, Jason chose the most able in various areas to support him. Along the way, each Argonaut had to use the utmost of their abilities to overcome hardships and challenges. The result was a successful mission which accomplished its objectives.

The word techno has origin in greek word techni which means: art, ability, capacity, skill, expertise and technique.

Therefore, the union of both words translates the spirit of Argotechno, a company that faces any challenge, headed by professionals who are experienced and expert in many areas of knowledge.