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Argotechno’s foundation

Founded in 2004 by Eduardo Márcio de Barros and Alex Gama dos Santos, two experienced electronic and software engineers, after spliting from Flexsys, a company with a 12-year market history then.

Caixa Econômica Federal – Lotéricas

Development of financial applications to all Lotéricas do Brasil terminals, granting more agile financial services for the people.


Development of POS application for Sagem, allowing its entrance in Brazilian market.


Redecard and Visanet (now, Cielo)

Development and certification of Sagem POS applications.

Microsoft CertifiedPartner

Certification of Host Simulator, an Argotechno international product, on Microsoft technology.


Unified Terminal Application architecture for Redecard terminals

Development of a unified application for all Redecard’s park of terminals.


BNB Interconnection – Banco do Brasil

Development of AGT Transaction Broker for Banco do Brasil interconnection program.


NCRInternacional (APTRAxpress NCR Gold Development Partner)

Development team that offer support and analysis services, development of solutions for components compliant to CENXFS regulation, granting to all NCR professionals wide expertise in the financial area.


BNB Interconnection – TecBan

Implementation of BNB and TecBan interconnection using IBM.

CEF EMV migration

Consulting project for EMV migration of all Caixa Econômica Federal (greatest Maestro issuer in the world) terminals and cards, working together with MasterCard Advisors.


MasterCard® TechnicalAccreditation

Consulting services to issuers and acquirers throughout all EMV migration project phases.


MasterCard® Formal ApprovalAccreditation

Laboratory is accredited by MasterCard for Formal Approval of cards and terminals.

Visa® TecnologyPartner

Extend supporting and consulting services to VISA scheme clients.


Founding of Argotechno NA

Establishment of the American office to support North and Central American and Caribbean markets.