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MasterCard Third Party Services

We provide consultancy services for the categories Guidance and Technical Support for Issuers and Acquirers.

These services allow us to support MasterCard’s clients making correct technical choices and following best practices for chip migration.

Advisory and Technical Support

Our wide payment systems market experience allows us to offer consultancy services to support EMV chip contact and contactless projects since inception.

Our team have the expertise to plan and execute projects, develop technical and test specifications and design solutions.


As part of our consulting services we offer training programs tailored to client’s real needs, using well established technologies like EMV and more recent ones, like Contactless, NFC and mobile technologies.

Our highly experienced professionals are ready to guide and instruct about all phases of the project, from conception to implementation, including knowledge on solutions for problems with probable occurrence throughout the project and all necessary support.

It is available to our clients a workshop on MasterCard certification processes and how to best suit cards and terminals according to regulations and market best practices.

Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis services, will help you clearly understand the project’s requirements and, based on company, infrastructure and systems current state, plan the steps to accomplish all goals successfully.

ARGOTECHNO’s team has the required expertise to analyze the current stage of the systems and support project planning and guidelines to start its development.

Workshop to present necessary payment systems concepts and gather project information
Hold focus group meetings
Document high level process
Stablish milestones and high level project plan
Analyze current systems and report gaps to accomplish the planned goals
Present report’s results and conclusions

The initial phase will take about a month, with occasional meetings along the way.

At the end of the process, Argotechno will deliver a report containing: research results, improvement suggestions, prospection of results and estimated time for implementation.

Download our EMV Gap Analysis folder for furhter details:
Gap Analisys
Gap Analisys