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What is SAT (Terminal Update System)?

The Terminal Update System, named SAT, is a software that allows the distribution of files, including application versions, using a remote manager.

SAT is a Microsoft Windows Server 2012 certified software.

Why choose SAT?

• Update the whole park of terminals (POS, Smartphone, computers, etc…)
• Remote update of terminals placed in a large geographical area
• No human interaction with the terminal (no merchant procedure is needed)
• Fully automated process
• Reliable way to reach all desired terminals
• Precise way to execute the update process
• Strong and highly available system
• Schedule task according to needs
• Messages are optimally packed to reduce updating time

How does SAT works?

SAT has mechanisms to check the status of field terminals and its update history, which enables an easier management and decision making.

Terminals can be arranged in groups to schedule updates sequentially and not update the whole of terminals at the same time, which allows better management, more control and less risk of server overload.

The use of a broadly known, protocol (HTTP) grants great stability and simplicity to the system.

SAT architecture

SAT was developed using C# programming language and has three core components:

• Web Server (HTTP-Sever) for terminal update
• Database server (Oracle, SQL Server)
• Client terminals (HTTP-Client)

And a complementary component:

• Administrative Interface